What is a Shade Structure?

What is a Shade Structure?

A shade structure is a structure where cover / roof is placed on top of a structure to provide shelter to protect people, animals, plants etc. from UV-Rays, rain, and/or snow.

Shade structures come in variety of forms. There are some shade structures made from metal, wood, cloth, concrete, mixed materials and so on. Shade structures also come in variety of shapes and sizes. Shades structures are usually named after the shape of their roof. Some common shade structure examples are as following:• Hip Roof Shade Structure• Gable Roof Shade Structure• Pyramid Roof Shade Structure

• Hexagonal Roof Shade Structure

• Octagonal Roof Shade Structure

• Combination Roof Shade Structure

• Shed Roof Shade Structure

Shade structure is a commonly used product in children’s playground areas, public gathering areas, childcare centers and so on to provide protection from harsh UV Rays, rain, and snow. Shade Structure Canada provides variety of shade structures.

For more information, please contact Shade Structure Canada and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with the right shade structure product.


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