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What is a Shade Structure?

What is a Shade Structure? A shade structure is a structure where cover / roof is placed on top of a structure to provide shelter to protect people, animals, plants etc. from UV-Rays, rain, and/or snow. Shade structures come in variety of forms. There are some shade structures made from metal, wood, cloth, concrete, mixed materials and so on. Shade structures also come in variety of shapes and sizes. Shades structures are usually named after the shape of their roof.…

Benefits of Shade Structures

Benefits of Shade Structures A shade structure has become a crucial necessity to children’s playgrounds and public gathering areas, such as childcare centers, school yards, dry playground and water playground areas, picnic areas and so on. It is extremely important to provide protection to children and adults from UV Rays by simply using shade structures. Shade Structures Canada provides excellent choices of shade structures to fulfil these needs with long lasting and low maintenance shade structure products. It is unfortunately…

Types of Shade Structures

Types of Shade Structures Shade structures come in variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Common shade structure materials are metal, wood, and fabric. Shade Structures Canada manufactures steel shade structures in variety of shapes and sizes based on client’s needs. Shade Structures Canada provides following shade structures: 1. Pyramid Roof Shade Structure: four triangle shaped type of hip roof which sloped downward 2. Gable Roof Shade Structure: roof consists of two sloping sides where they meet along the roofline ridge…