Benefits of Shade Structures

Benefits of Shade Structures
A shade structure has become a crucial necessity to children’s playgrounds and public gathering areas, such as childcare centers, school yards, dry playground and water playground areas, picnic areas and so on. It is extremely important to provide protection to children and adults from UV Rays by simply using shade structures. Shade Structures Canada provides excellent choices of shade structures to fulfil these needs with long lasting and low maintenance shade structure products.

It is unfortunately not very safe to stay under sun for too long, which effects activity levels of children at playground areas and adult interactions. To help our children and adults interact with each other more and extend play time at any time of the day and/ or season, we can simply provide them a shade structure(s).

It is estimated that in 2021:
8,700 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer.
1,250 Canadians will die from melanoma skin cancer.
4,700 men will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and 790 will die from it.

Shade Structures Canada provides excellent choices of shade structures to protect you from harsh V-Rays. With shade structures, children and adults don’t have to worry about sun’s damaging lights and enjoy their time outdoors to its fullest. Shade structures not only protect you from V-Rays, but also provide a shelter on rainy, windy, and snowy weather.

For more information, please contact Shade Structure Canada and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with the right shade structure product.

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